Okay, I get it, the price was maybe a bit too steep...


AND everything is done for you, Leads InCLUDED!




Module 1:

Your Own 'CUSTOM-MADE' Lead Capture Funnel

Content Created With Optimizepress 3.0:
No Setup Required,
It's 100% Done For You

A 'Mobile Friendly' branded lead capturing funnel like this is easily worth:


Capturing leads is what makes long-term profits, by being able to email people on a daily basis.

If your lead capturing funnel sucks, all your efforts after that will be in vein.

By letting us create your lead capturing funnel for you, you will be sure that your main entry point is secure and ready to grow without any hassle. 

Module 2:

Your Own CUSTOM-MADE 'Solo Seller' Sales Page

Page Created On OptimizePress 3.0 & Listed In Warrior Plus:

It's 100% Done For You

A 'Solo Seller' Sales Page like this is easily worth:


Your 'Solo Seller' sales page will be created on OptimizePress 3.0
The payment buttons will be added via Warrior Plus
100% Done For You
This page will get you clients who want to buy traffic from you, on autopilot... when I will teach you how to make it happen

Module 3:

Your Own Solo Ads Affiliate Program

Nothing beats FREE LEADS and that's basically what an affiliate program will bring you if you are the one owning it.

You see, as an affiliate you would only get commissions on your own sales... But as the program owner, you will be getting a cut of the profits on ALL the sales your affiliates will be bringing in.

Needless to tell you that this will make a HUGE difference in your revenues.

Very often what kills a business are the traffic fees... But by selling traffic of your own AND by getting free traffic from your affiliate is what will separate you from chum-change to life-changing income, WITHOUT profit losses!

Set-Up On Warrior Plus:
It's 100% Done For You

An Affiliate Program like this is easily worth:


You will get paid 100% commissions on all your traffic sales
You will get paid 100% commissions on '1 time offer' sales
You will get paid directly in your Warrior Plus wallet

Module 4:

I Will Set-Up A Complete Email Swipe Set For Your Lead Capturing List

This Will Get You Huge Opens, Clicks & Sales!

It's 100% Done For You:

A Responsive Email Set-Up like this is easily worth:


I will add all your email swipes for you in your autoresponder
I will add your links for you
I will add your name and picture for you in each email
Completely hands-off for you

Module 5:

I Will Show You How To Sell Traffic From Your Own Email List & Make Up To $900+ Per Day Just Like Me!

'1 On 1' Live Training On Skype:

A Training like this is easily worth:


... for a '1 on 1' live training like this. I will be showing you the easy tricks to make your traffic business real easy to manage and most importantly how to send clicks to people who buy clicks from you.

Module 6:

Complete Training On How To Get Clients

'1 On 1' Live Training On Skype:

A Training like this is easily worth:


... for a '1 on 1' live training like this.

I will show you how to find clients who are looking to buy traffic.
I will show you how an easy hack to get tons of testimonials, which in return will bring you even more traffic sales
I will show you how to invoice your clients.
I will show you how to offer discount coupons that will be done for you, ready to give to your clients.
And much more...

Bonus 1:

Unlimited Support

'1 On 1' Support Service:

Unlimited Live Access with a 20 years marketing veteran:


It's important to have someone answer your questions and monitor you when you start.

Your progression is the most important thing of all.

By making sure you are doing things right, you can only succeed.

And when you have questions or need more training, I am always 1 click away!


Get 200 Free Click Multiplying Pages

Content Delivered Via Our In-House Software:

To have 200 click multiplying pages made by a developer, you would normally pay at least:


This is the easiest way to multiply your daily clicks by 2X, 5X, or even 10X
I will set-up the same 200 pages I use
I will add all the links in your 200 pages for you


Get 200 FREE Click Multiplying Email Swipes

Swipes Delivered In Notepad Format:

To get 200 Click Generating Swipes, you would normally pay at least:


These are the same 200 swipes I use over and over to get people to click my clients links
These swipes are specially made to get MASSIVE OPENS & CLICKS... and this is important when you are selling traffic from your email list!
These swipes complement your 200 click multiplying pages, making EVERYTHING COPY/PASTE for you


200 Free 'Automated Follow-Ups' Set-Up & Branding

Completely Hands-Free For You:

To have a developer take the time to set-up 200 swipes and link everything, you would normally pay at least:


We will load the 200 swipes for you on your autoresponder and add all the links, your name and picture in all of them for you - Major time saver 


Get 100+ FREE Leads Per Day

Content Delivered In MP4 videos and Skype Assistance:

To have a training that gets you 100+ free leads per day, you would normally pay at least:


This is the easiest way to get 100+ free leads per day on complete autopilot
By using this super simple method, your list will grow on it's own, without having to spend money of your own on traffic
As a traffic provider, the more free leads you get, the more money goes in your pocket


Get 3 Promotional Posts & 4 Banner Ads To Help You Get Automated Sales

Promotional Banner Ads Delivered In JPEG Format:

To get posts and banner ads like this, to sell traffic, you would normally pay at least:


Simply post them where we show you
This will help you generate automated traffic sales


Get 1,000 FREE SUBSCRIBERS Delivered
On Your Email List

(Not clicks... but SUBSCRIBERS!)

I asked myself: 'What's the point of selling you a SCALABLE business if I can't provide you with the leads that allow you to sell traffic from your email list right from the start'... Would you agree?

This is why I've decided to include 1,000 RESPONSIVE SUBSCRIBERS on your email list.

This will allow you to be able to generate affiliate commissions AND and make profits from your traffic sales right off the bat.

Giving you the 'Lead Power' you need right off the bat, is what will help you be successful from day 1!

Leads Delivered In Aweber:

To get 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS on your email list, you would normally pay a MINIMUM of:


With 1,000 subscribers you can easily sell 100-200 click packages per day!
Now let's say you sell your clicks at $0.45, this can make you anywhere from $45 to $90 per day just for selling traffic!
The fact that I am providing you with 1,000 subscribers gives you enough LEVERAGE to SCALE-UP and keep growing your online business...

See What Our Students Have To Say About Our Traffic Seller 'Done For You' System...

It's All About The 'Done For You'!

Really where do I start... 6 years of wasting money, ranking websites and all the other crap the GURU's wanted you to know from info products, I was about to give up on making money online...

Until I came across Michel Sirois, Done-For-You Service, this is the absolute Best Biz in a box I ever purchased...

I mean every detail from building a list and how to profit from that list and most importantly social branding! I always wondered how people made money by selling traffic... IT'S ALL INCLUDED IN THIS DONE-FOR-YOU Service.

This product is your new full time NEWBIE FRIENDLY income solution! Michel Sirois, thank you for being here every step of the way! Your customer service is 110%.

Most importantly, you'll get a kick out of this... My Original Capture Page that was created for my business without any modifying, it is converting at a rate of OVER 40% & I've seen days it's converting at 47%...

Stop wasting years to start earning money, Our phrase here at the office is Take Action!

Mike Petrea

I took a leap of faith and it paid off!

I have spent hours and wasted so much money trying to learn the secret to making money online… only to learn that the secret is to get online and purchase the "Done-For-You & Coaching service" from Michel.

From the moment I made the decision to buy this training, Michel held my hand and walked me through the process with ease.  Not only did he build my website, but he made it exactly how I wanted it without me even knowing it, every detail was immaculate and tasteful.

Michel is only ever a click away for any questions or support I may require and the after service is unbelievable.  This guy has without a doubt gone above and beyond any of my expectations.

I'm so glad I took a leap of faith and found Michel, he is an outstanding gentleman who knows his job and has over delivered in every step of the process.

As a man at the top of his game who genuinely wants to pay it forward and help other people to make money online he has managed to strip the content down to the fundamentals that even a NEWBIE like me can comprehend.

This is a top notch service and I thank you for restoring my faith in the online world.

Emma Scott

'1 On 1' Coaching Makes A Huge Difference!

I have been trying to make money on the internet since the start of 2014 with no luck at all. I even tried to find coaches but all they did was take my money and not provide me with any real value and there response rate was ridiculously slow. But the truth is they wanted to hide the REAL way of how to be successful online.

I wasn't getting anywhere until I met Michel Sirois and purchased his coaching + "Done For You Service". Well what can I say, this has been the best thing I have done ever!! Michel is such a nice guy and he is always willing to help. Trust me I have had other coaches in the past and just having someone there when you need them can make a huge difference in how your progress.

I have been able to progress at a fast rate and it is an amazing feeling! I can't thank Michel enough for his hard work and support he's given me. It's really hard to find genuine people out there but Michel is truly one of them. Thanks again Michel you rock buddy!

Tony Sharma

Get All The 6 Modules & 7 High Value Bonuses

Module 1: Your Own 'CUSTOM-MADE' Lead Capture Funnel - $975
Module 2: Your Own CUSTOM-MADE 'Traffic Agency' Sales Page - $1,950
Module 3: Your Own Traffic Agency Affiliate Program - $4,950
Module 4: I Will Set-Up A Complete Email Swipe Set For Your Lead Capturing List & Buyers List -  $1,975
Module 5: I Will Show You How To Sell Traffic From Your Own Email List & Make Up To $900+ Per Day Just Like Me! - $2,950
Module 6: Complete Training On How To Get Clients - $3,950
BONUS 1: Unlimited Support - $997
BONUS 2: Get 200 Free Click Multiplying Pages - $3,500
BONUS 3: Get 200 Free Click Multiplying Swipes To Complement Your 200 Click Multiplying Pages - $950
BONUS 4:I Will Set-Up & Link Your 200 Free 'Automated Follow-Ups' Emails - $1,950
BONUS 5: I Will Show You How To Get 100+ Free Leads Per Day On Autopilot - $950
BONUS 6: Get 3 Promotional Posts & 4 Banner Ads To Get Automated Sales - $150
BONUS 7: Get 1,000 FREE SUBSCRIBERS Delivered On Your Email List - $1,600

If you wanted to start your own traffic business from scratch, where EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR YOU, it would cost you at least...



As you probably know by now, A LOT of 'man hours' will be spent on setting-you up and it's worth every penny...

By upgrading right now, you are GUARANTEED to make up to $90 PER DAY JUST FROM THE LEADS WE GIVE YOU AS A BONUS TO SELL TRAFFIC + all the affiliate marketing commissions you will make every day!

Don't Let This Opportunity Pass You By...

This is your chance to finally profit by having your own traffic business!

Don't let this opportunity pass you by...

By using your clients money to scale-up your business, by selling traffic and by getting affiliate commissions 'all in 1', is what will make you LONG-TERM AUTOPILOT PROFITS!

As you know by now, traffic costs are 'business killers', unless it never costs you money from your pocket like my system will do for you!

You have all to gain, nothing to lose!

This complete 'Done For You' service will give you an UNFAIR advantage over your competitors.

We're arming you with everything you need to become an INSTANT AUTHORITY in the 'TRAFFIC SELLING' niche market. 

And for limited time only, you can benefit from our low introductory price to sign-up now...

Don't Delay...

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Yes! I Want Access Now!

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Please note: If you were to get 1,000 subscribers on your email list, it would cost you more than $2,200... Because to get 1,000 subscribers, you would need to buy at least 4,000 clicks...

By taking this special offer right now, you get a complete CUSTOM traffic selling business + Training + Support + the LEAD POWER to start making PROFITS RIGHT AWAY!

Michel Sirois

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