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Online entrepreneurs are increasing more and more, they’re embracing business ownership eagerly.

That's because people want to be self-reliant, they want more time for themselves and be able to schedule their work flow. 

They want to make their dreams a reality and because of that, they want to invest in their business start-up and grow their income on complete autopilot, where all the leg work is 'done for you' and where your only task is just to get leads, by simply doing the exact same thing we do.

People now realize the importance of having extra income coming in their household to afford a luxurious lifestyle, where they don't run-out of resources to get what they want in life...

That’s the conclusion that was drawn by the State of Small Business, a survey of 2,600+ entrepreneurs and small business owners that was recently published by 'Guidant Financial'.

Online entrepreneurs are using their life experiences and financial assets to start and grow their businesses. Instead of slowing down, they’re just getting started and that's great!

What industry attracts new entrepreneurs?

The most popular industry that has been trending for the last 2 years is starting an online business, because you can franchise an existing business, work wherever you are and manage your own schedule.

In addition, 36% started a business because “the opportunity presented itself,” and 22% did so because they were looking for a life-change.

Most entrepreneurs that were surveyed don’t have huge businesses. Almost one-third (33%) are solopreneurs.

- 67% of business owners report that their companies are making a profit.

Let's not forget that there are other measures of success to consider: 76% say that on a scale of 1 to 10, their happiness level is 8 or above, which is a good thing. Happy people live longer and happier lives, that's a fact!

How they do it

- 67% of online entrepreneurs in the survey got started by buying online franchises, while 33% launched a businesses from scratch.

- The most popular method of financing their startups is cash, friends and family, getting a business line of credit or obtaining an unsecured loan.

- And this is because online entrepreneurs have way less business costs to consider.

When you earn online as a entrepreneur, there's no staff to pay, no office rental fees, no extra electric bills or extra internet bills... you get it, I'm sure by now...

Part of the problem to get started for most beginner is that:

- They have not identified the right opportunity: 40%

- They don't know of any good system that generates commissions on autopilot: 28%

- They don't have leads to buy what they are selling: 32%

And this is why this BRAND-NEW SYSTEM is now helping entrepreneurs with no experience, no system and no leads... to get their online business started and profit.

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