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VIDEO #1: One-Time Easy Setup

Please note: If you already have a software that does these things, you can keep using it.

But if you don't, I recommend you select one of the 2 tools below.

Most people use Click Magick or Qliker.

* But if you ask me, I recommend Qliker, they are more flexible and they don't block their competitors links like Click Magick does...


VIDEO #2: How To Add Traffic Clients In Your Rotator

VIDEO #3: 4 Different Ways To Profit From Your Rotator

VIDEO #4: How To Make Quick Click Generating Bridge Pages

You can use pretty much any web page editor to do this, even free WordPress... as long as it makes web pages...

But if you want to use the same robust web page editor as me, try OptmizePress 3.0.

It comes with templates, making it super easy to make attractive web pages.

VIDEO #5: How To Make Quick Click Generating PDF Reports

After watching the 5 videos above, continue your training...

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