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How much Should you sell your clicks for?

1. ‘Make Money Online’ niche, ‘MLM’ niche, Biz Ops, Crypto, etc...

- You can sell clicks The more testimonials you will have, the higher prices you will be able to charge your clients for your clicks.

- You should always charge lower fees if you are just starting, to get plenty of testimonials that prove your clicks are worth their price.

- You could start selling your clicks at $0.25 for example... and scale-up as you get more and more testimonials.

2. How many clicks should you sell at first?

- If you are starting from scratch and using free traffic methods, we recommend you start selling 50 click packages, until you have a higher daily traffic flow. You can do this with your rotator, you are already set-up for that if you followed PART 1 of our training.

- If you buy traffic at a lower price and sell at a higher price, then you can sell as many clicks you want. You can also do this with your rotator, you are already set-up for that if you followed PART 1 of our training.

- Very important: When a client buys clicks from you, always charge them the same prices for their future purchases. It would be rude to tell a returning client to pay higher prices.

Always remember that the nicer you are to your clients, the more they will appreciate you and come back to buy more clicks from you.

- The best way to evaluate how much traffic is worth in a specific niche, is to simply find other traffic sellers that are in your niche, find-out how much they charge per click and charge the same amount.

VIDEO #6: How To Get Clients That Want To Buy Clicks From You

Below are suggested tools to make quick and easy images for your posts.

Select 1 of them and start making images.

If you already have an image maker, it's fine also, as long as you can make images...

WARNING 1: If you never posted in Solo Ads groups, take it slowly!

In the beginning, I recommend that you post in 'Up To' 25 groups per day, it can be less at first... but split these 25 posts in 5 different time frames, spread-out during the day.

So each time you go post, only make 5 posts at a time.

Do this for 2 weeks or 3... And then you should be able to post in 25 groups per day in 1 shot, just not at the beginning. 

So if you don't want to go in the penalty box for 2 weeks with Facebook, I recommend that you take it easy!

WARNING 2: If you REALLY want to be sure to 'Not Get Jailed' by facebook, make different variables of your posts. By this I mean, different text and copies of your image post.

WARNING 3: If you are adding a sales page link in your posts, it would be a good idea to CLOAK your sales page links with a URL shortner like Bitly

If you follow the 3 guidelines above, you will be able to post without any problem.

VIDEO #7: How To Make And Send PayPal Invoices To Your Clients

VIDEO #8: Other Places You Can Sell Traffic

After watching the 3 videos above, continue your training...

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Delivering Clicks To Your Clients

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