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If you are completely new to online marketing, you will for sure want to hire us to set-up everything for you for DIRT-CHEAP! 


Let me explain: Capturing leads and doing email marketing allows you to promote different offers to leads who opt-in your email list. 

This allows you to build customer retention and profit more in the long-term. By hiring us to set-you up from tip to toe will save you a lot of time and countless mistakes that you could be doing as a beginner. 

Chances are if you have no web experience or no sales as of now, that you need help to set-up... 

This 'Done For You' service includes:

We will set-up your lead capturing page for you
We will set-up your email list in your autoresponder for you
We will add your affiliate links in your email swipes for you
We will add your name and picture in your email swipes for you
We will make sure that no mistakes are made by reviewing our work before handing it to you
This will help you save time and costly mistakes that beginners do when they start an online business
Like that you can feel secure that your business will run smoothly
From there, all you will need to do is drive traffic (send leads) to your lead capturing page and let the system do the selling for you on complete autopilot

100% Beginner Friendly, It's 100% Done For You!

Now, entrepreneurs that have 0 experience are jumping on board and making passive income from the internet because it doesn't take time at all, it's 100% done for you and it's 100% scalable!

So what Are You Waiting For?

This is your chance to make money online effortlessly by letting-us set you up! Don't let this opportunity pass you by and hire us for dirt-cheap today!

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Includes the complete 'Done For You' service:

We will create your Lead capturing page for you
We will create your opt-in form for you
We will create your email list for you
We will add your Email follow-ups for you
We will add your links in each swipes for you
We will add your name in each swipes for you
We will add your picture in each swipes for you
We will make sure that there are no mistakes before handing you the funnel and service


Getting support when you need it can only make you better, stronger, grow faster, by avoiding mistakes and saving time!

By grabbing this 'Done For You' service today, you get access to Michel Sirois contact information for '1 on 1' assistance, everytime you need him
You get a cordial and professional 'LIVE' response within 24 hours
You get a marketer with more than 20 years of online experience as your personal coach and mentor to help you succeed like he does - There's a lot of value by having him in your corner working for you
Having Michel in your corner is a value of $997/month on it's own and today you get him for $0 when you grab our 'Done For You' Special Offer Today

Michel Sirois
Internet Marketer Since 1997

Your Questions Answered

Is this method for everyone?

It's for anyone who doesn't know how to setup and profit by email marketing. Email marketing has and will always be the 'autopilot' method because you can email your audience over and over, with different offers, each day, for years to come. It's the easiest way to profit online when everything is automated for you.

Does this work with the training I just purchased?

Yes, this service has been made SPECIFICALLY for it, for people like you, that want to make even more money from the training you just purchased.

How do you know it will work for me?

Because my method is EVERGREEN and we are not cutting corners. You will get the same email set-up as us.

Do you offer support?

Of course. We will be talking with you from the beginning, until we set you up. Then when you have questions, we're one click away. We offer unlimited support for this service, to give you the best service you can get.

Why am I getting this much value, for this low cost?

Because we've done most of the work already. It's mostly copy/paste for us. This is why we can make it affordable for you.

How can I get instant access?

By clicking the button below right now  

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