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Firstly we'll like to thank you for putting your trust in us and we're committed in your online success. 

We've put together some awesome materials which fully complement the offer that you just secured. These materials are designed to give you a competitive edge as well as save you a lot of time and money. 

Please take note that the main package you bought a moment ago is complete and you can make tons of cash selling it. 

The following materials are just some awesome ready-made materials you can use to accelerate your success by:

Tripling Your Revenue Instantly
Improving Sales Conversions
Building An Affiliate Army 
Increasing Credibility

And so many more... So take a moment to review it and secure your copy as it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Upgrade Module 1: Power Video Presentation Slides

Get absolute control over the content you want to sell to your customers. 

Do you want to customize these presentation slides with your own brand? 

The sky is the limit. 

We provide you all the Presentation slides that we used in the video training series for your easy manipulation. 

You can even reuse them for your own webinars and even split them into multiple parts for other mini coaching. 

The choice is completely yours!

Content Available In:

These High Quality PP Slides are easily worth:


These presentation slides can be re-branded: You can change the words, the colors and everything else before even recording.

Upgrade Module 2: 5 Power Slides Reports

Now this is interesting...

Do you want to customize these report slides with your own brand? 

You can do that too!

We provide you all the PDF report slides from the video training series for easy education. 

You can use them as you wish.

The choice is completely yours!

Content Available In:

These High Quality PDF Reports Slides are easily worth:


These PDF reports slides are ideal for making quick reports. They are white labeled for you. Like that you can be an authority figure for your clients and as a result make more money.

Upgrade Module 3: High-Quality Audio Training

How about adding more value to your customers? 

Or if you want – you can even combine those MP3 files into a separate module 

where you can sell it for a fee. 

Buyers love to listen to training on their iPods or in the car, so we include the MP3 audio files for the additional training to let you offer them just that opportunity. 

Everything is done for you.

Audio Available In:

A Professional Voice-Over bills a minimum of:


... per hour of recording. And today you can offer your customers the opportunity of having a variety of options to learn from you. MP3's are ideal for busy people. You can listen to them while driving your car, cooking, taking walks in nature and much more.

Upgrade Module 4: Legal Pages

To keep you in compliance with the laws and give your website a very professional look and feel, we also provide you done-for-you legal documents to place on your website. 

You simply add your name, email and address to re-brand them.

Income Disclosure
FTC Statement
Terms & Conditions
Refund Policy
DMCA Notice
Privacy Policy

Pages Available In:

A Professional Copywriter charges at least:


...if you don't want to have legal issues, you absolutely need these legal pages to be compliant online. If you don't have these legal pages yet, you will be glad you grab ours. This is a life saver.

Upgrade Module 5: Stunning ‘Lead Grabbing’ Page

You also get a HOT looking squeeze page that will suck unlimited amount of leads so that you can follow up with them and make more sales. 

The design is completely unique and message is strictly attached to the THEME of the product you're selling. Why? 

Higher conversions. 

It's like telling your customers: “OK – Get a sneak preview before you decide!”

Super powerful stuff!

Pages Available In:

A Lead Capturing Page that sucks-in tons of prospects like this is not given to everyone.

$350 a very conservative value. For maximum results, they were designed for you only and not taken from any reused templates that are everywhere online.

Upgrade Module 6: 5 x Credibility Boosting Email Series

Now that you've people on your mailing list, you need to send them email messages to gain their trust and build credibility. 

You educate them about your product and how it can change their lives for the better and definitely that's a LOT of work! 

But here's the good news. 

We've even prepared a complete e-course delivered by autoresponder emails to skyrocket your sales by this product to your subscribers. 

These content emails have only one purpose – make you money!

Content Available In:

A Professional Copywriter charges at least:


...for a set of email follow-ups like this one. Writing compelling emails that convey the right messages is not an easy task for anyone!

Upgrade Module 7: Instant Affiliate Promotion Center

To make it super easy to recruit and motivate affiliates to bring traffic to your offer, we'll provide you with an affiliate page already formatted with animated banners and the swipe emails for your affiliates to use. 

We even have a 'rebrand' feature where your affiliate can customize all the tools provided with their affiliate links inside at the push of a button. 

All they need to do is COPY and PASTE. This will be the easiest promotion they'll ever have to do. They'll love it.

Pages Available In:

A Professional Web Developer will charge you at least:


…for building this page and also for coding this 'rebrand' script that automatically customizes all the tools. This is something awesome that you simply can't get everywhere.

Upgrade Module 8: 3 x Hard-Sell Affiliate Solo Emails

We have prepared a set of THREE highly effective emails ready to use, so you can provide them to your affiliates to skyrocket your sales by promoting this video training. 

These emails will generate a craving for your product. Your affiliates just need to set them up in their autoresponder, and then they (and you) will be ready to make some more easy money. 

The emails were written to 'hard-sell' your products to achieve maximum results. They are already integrated inside the Instant Affiliate Promotion Center and can be immediately customized.

Emails Integrated In:

A Professional Copywriter charges at least:


…for writing 'pitch' emails like these. These content were written with an angle to bring the maximum open rate and clicks.

Upgrade Module 9: 14 x High Converting Banner Ads

Banners are highly effective when used to advertise online. Animated banners grab viewer's attention a lot more. So we have decided to create a complete set of SIXTEEN banners, so you don't spend unnecessary time and money creating them. 

All these banners come into standard dimensions that your affiliates can use on their blogs, websites and even on banner ad networks. 

All they have to do is to just grab the codes which is already integrated inside the affiliate promotion center and paste them inside their campaigns. 

These awesome banners will drive a swarm of visitors to your site when used effectively.

Emails Integrated In:

Banners are usually very expensive and you can pay around...


…for those 9 banners in different shapes and dimensions. All these shapes and dimensions are proven and are used everywhere. So your affiliates will love using them everywhere they can.

Upgrade Module 10: Unlimited Support

Support is very useful when you feel stuck, want to go faster and get the success you want.

By having our team of experts behind you, you can rest assured we have your back and we can help you anytime you need us, at no extra cost.

'1 on 1' Support Done By:

To Get Unlimited Support to start your business, you would normally have to invest at least:


…per hour for '1 on 1' support with a 20 year marketing veterans. Getting support when you need it increases your success by at least 10X.

This package will give you an UNFAIR advantage over your competitors. 

We're arming you with everything you need to become an INSTANT AUTHORITY in this niche market. 

And for limited time only, you can benefit from our low introductory price to upgrade your offer...

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