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What do you think of the sample we shared with you above? 

You're the judge, you know it's good for you, right?

We truly show you the real easy steps and you decide if we're a great match to do business together. 

Our customers love our white label packages because they are developed in-house and our 'many years of experience' in this business ensures that you’re getting up-to-date and in-demand content to sell.

Developed By A 20+ Year Online Marketing Veteran

The content is taught by a veteran marketer and the methods that are revealed are proven to work in ANY NICHE.

We don’t even outsource ANYTHING, not even the voice-over because there’s nothing worse than listening to a voice-over speaker who has absolutely no clue what he/she is talking about.

And believe me... you don't want to lose your credibility in front of your customers and audience. We don’t want that to happen to you because your success is our success.

This training was presented to real people facing real challenges in their online businesses.

They needed help and we were there to help them, the same way we will be helping you.

We do this by breaking-down business to bring real actionable solutions that you can implement right away in the business you are or want to be in.

It's doesn't get more real than that.

And when you get this high quality package today, we made sure that EVERYTHING was WHITE LABELED for you. Like that you can TAKE FULL OWNERSHIP.

In other words, we don't show our faces, website links and even our names are removed. Like that you can rebrand them as your own training, which means that your credibility goes to you only!

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get In This Special Offer...


Your Very Own Profitable


A Video Training That You Can Brand, Edit And Resell For 100% Profits.


4-Part Live Video Training Sessions

This is a 4-part live video training session has been recorded specially for our private students who paid us $997 to attend this event. 

Inside we reveal the EXACT method we use to get high sales conversions, on complete automation.

 We show you the steps to INCREASE your revenues, no matter the type of online business you are in. 

Even the TOP GURUS don't know this method, this I can guarantee. They always wonder why I don't need affiliates and the method I reveal is what makes me independent of them because I can cover my traffic costs by myself.

It's a useful training that even a complete beginner can get results with it. 

No fluff, no huff, no puff - only ACTIONABLE steps to succeed and profit from. 

The total video running time is about 30 minutes. Just enough to keep your customers excited and take action so they get awesome results just like us, upon implementation.

Check Out The Sample Video If You Haven't Yet:

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Video Training:

How to avoid the SAME 3 HUGE mistakes EVEN GURUS make when building an email list.
How to get UNLIMITED offers to promote and 'Done For You' email swipes.
How to tap into multiple 'Done For You' low-cost traffic sources.  
The step-by-step 5X METHOD that gets you HUGE paydays. It's a BIG secret I've been keeping to myself and my high paying students.
As an added bonus: How to get free traffic that is literally 'on demand' by using PLR. This is a 'hack' beginners don't know or think about.
And many more.

Content Available In:

Professional Training Videos cost at least:


...if you were to outsource it. And if you were to try to do all this by yourself, it would take you a long time to do the research, record and edit.


Conversion-Driven Sales Letter & Thank You Page

You want to make sales and money right away? We get it.

And this training can accelerate your success by providing you with a professional, ready-made sales letter specifically written to convert your visitors into buyers. 

By following a proven sales process, this sales copy can finally give you the results you are seeking.

No waste of time
No more 'white page' syndrome
Simply add your name and payment button
Start getting sales right away
You get full ownership and complete control on the entire training

We also went ahead and prepared a special ‘thank-you’ page

... For when your clients make a purchase. 

It’s ready-to-go.

Preview The Sales Letter:

Pages Available In:

A Professional Sales Copy cost at least:


...per sales copy. If you were to hire a professional copywriter to write it for you, they would be asking you a 10-page questionnaire before they even start writing. We save you all that headache.


Attention-Grabbing Sales Video Promo

Can you really sell anything online effectively nowadays, without a sales video or a demo video? 

It’s almost impossible. 

Everyone likes videos.

But listen… 

We got you covered! 

Sales videos will ALWAYS get HIGHER SALES CONVERSIONS because it gets your audience curious and excited... and this is why it makes perfect sense to have them.

This video is to be used in conjunction with the sales copy above to achieve maximum results.

Check Out A Sample Video:

Videos Available In:

A Promotional Video like this cost at least:


If you want to convert cold leads into red-hot buyers, you need to get them excited and by watching an attention-grabbing sales video is what gets you results.


‘ASTONISHING’ Graphic Designs

“WOW THESE ARE ASTONISHING DESIGNS” - That’s exactly the words your customers will say when they see your 'Done For You' website.

Considering that “The first impression is always the last”, with an ‘astonishing’ website design like that, you can be sure to grab the attention of your website visitors, your subscribers and buyers immediately. 

It helps when you convey the right message, at the right time, to the right people. 

It gives you INSTANT authority and credibility... and that makes a HUGE difference between acquiring customers or losing potential prospects. 

Our designs are made to convert. We have the very best team of graphic designers this industry has to offer and their work speaks for itself.

Graphics Available In:

These Stunning Graphics Designs have a conservative value of:


...for graphics designs of multiple shapes and sizes. These high quality graphics were carefully created by designers who do this all day long for a living.


Your Mobile-Responsive Website

You get a fully mobile-responsive website.

And that's because we know that more than 50% of users come from laptops, mobiles and tablets. We find it important to offer you a HIGH QUALITY website that is ENTIRELY 'Done For You' AND 'Mobile-Friendly'

That means a real boost of income right off the bat for you.

Pages Available In:

Web Developer Fees Can Easily Exceed:

$300 develop a mobile-responsive website. This service is extremely popular right now and it's extremely expensive to build, but you get it for free by taking this special offer today.


Product License Certificate

What if after all the promises we made above you are not provided with any document that certifies you really own the private label rights to this product after you purchase? 

That would just be silly, right? 

That is why we created a PLR certificate of ownership that is valid for you AND for YOUR customers.

Yes, we provide you everything you need, even the private label rights certificate. Isn't that awesome? 


Certificate Available In:

This Certificate Of Ownership is valued at:


This is 'proof' of ownership and it certifies that you purchased it. You can also pass it on to your clients when they buy from you.


Grab the premium version of our
brand new training for this low price as part of our special offer:

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A True Done-For-You Business That’s Going To Be Very Profitable For You!

This is a complete 'ready-to-go' business that you can profit HUGELY within the NEXT hour.

You have everything ready – A 'Done For You 'business solution that can make you BIG money real FAST. 

That’s a unique opportunity you need to grab right away today. 

Here are a few suggestions of what you can do with this training, check this out…

20 Creative Ways To Use This White Label Package To Put Money In Your Pocket

1. Sell the video training directly
2. Add this to your paid membership site
3. Turn the videos into reports to sell
4. Sell it on Amazon Kindle
5. Rework the content for your webinars
6. Create outlines for your seminars
7. Turn into paid email series
8. Use as a live event bonus
9. Use it to refer-a-friend bonus
10. Offer it as a bonus to your paid offers
11. Create physical products from it
12. Create lessons for your coaching
13. Sell the videos as backend offers
14. Use videos to build massive list
15. Create viral giveaways on Facebook
16. Engage your followers with it
17. Create podcast episodes
18. Use content for your newsletters
19. Use content as part of your new products
20. Create affiliate tools with the videos

How Much Is This Package Worth To You?

Let’s do a quick recap of EVERYTHING you get today with this complete ‘done-for-you’ system:


Module 1: 4-Part Live Video Training Sessions $2,500
Module 2: Conversion-Driven Sales Letter & Thank You Page $600
Module 3: High-Converting Sales Video $300
Module 4: ‘ASTONISHING’ Graphic Designs $750
Module 5: Mobile-Responsive Website $300
Bonus: Product License Certificate $100

Total Real Value: $4,550

And what if you did it all of that yourself? 

You could be spending your precious time working and NOTHING ELSE – say GOODBYE to any kind of social life. 

But you don’t need to worry about that because it’s already done for you when you grab your package today. 

That’s why, as a smart business person, you see the insane value this package has to offer, even if we were to sell it for $997. 

But listen… 

We understand your budget can be limited and we want give you the high-edge to really profit from this exclusive business opportunity because it is just so beneficial and profitable! 

The price will be NOWHERE close to the figure I showed you above. Oh no, no, no!

We’ll SURPRISE you. 

For this special launch offer, you get the entire package at a massive 99.5% discount…

That’s LESS than the price of a movie ticket and an investment in your future.

So here’s the question you should ask yourself right now: 

“Can I really afford to pass-by this amazing special offer?” 

Seriously… it’s just common sense! 

It only takes you ONE sale to double or even triple your tiny investment today. 

But don’t take our word for it…

See why people love and do it:

Life-Changing & refreshing

When I grabbed this training I didn't know what results to expect. But after going through each module I realized just how much value I got for my little investment. Thanks A lot!

Anthony Young

Converts Cold Leads To Red-Hot Buyers

Nothing is harder than converting cold leads into buyers. But with this system and training, you will even get resources that can get you leads that buy your offers & promos!

Steve Davis

My Students And Subscribers Love It

Being a coach and having students, I have to say that this special offer is really worth its weight in gold. Super easy to setup and profit from. I totally recommend it!

Kimberly Ramirez

Easy To Set-Up

I love this training. It's so easy to understand and implement. It makes it easy to just copy/paste and profit. It really changed how I automate

Alexandra Schiffer

Result Driven

Wow! This training is really cool. My results speak for themselves. I only have good things to say about it. Thank you for this priceless fountain of knowledge

Antoine Biggs

Highly Scalable

I've been skipping these steps for too long. I now do it and my overall business profits increased by 25% this year and hopefully it will increase even more. Knock on wood

Brendan Chan

Unheard Of

Who knew that something that looked so complex for me, became so easy all of a sudden. I've never seen or heard of this method but I'm sure glad I got my hands on it

Valiledu Subramaniam


Sad to say but... 90% of the training out-there are not actionable. I'm finally happy that I got access to this training. It's completely actionable and easy

Rich Strassman


As they say 'Money walks, BS talks'. I'm now making $200 per day on average and the more I do it, the more I make. It talks the talk! I recommend it without question

Jeremy Blanco

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I understand I’m receiving immediate & complete access to:

Module 1: 4-Part Live Video Training Sessions $2,500
Module 2: Conversion-Driven Sales Letter & Thank You Page $600
Module 3: High-Converting Sales Video $300
Module 4: ‘ASTONISHING’ Graphic Designs $750
Module 5: Mobile-Responsive Website $300
Bonus: Product License Certificate $100

Total Real Value: $4,550

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Michel Sirois & Tyrone Greenridge

Private Label Rights Terms and Conditions:


Can edit, rename, rebrand & sell the video series
Can be sold as it is not less than $9 price tag
Can be bundled with other paid products
Can be offered as a bonus for YOUR other paid products
Can be used to create audio/webinar/video products
Can give away for free in exchange of lead
Can be used as content for YOUR own website
Can be added to paid membership sites
Can be offered through auction sites
Can claim full authorship


Can NOT be used as affiliate bonuses to promote other offers
Can NOT sell/give away the sales materials
Can NOT sell resell rights
Can NOT sell master resell rights
Can NOT sell private resell rights

Can NOT add to free membership sites

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