Concerning refund requests: You will see that we did our due-diligence accurately to protect everyone implicated in the transaction.

We play fair, we expect the same from our members.

Here Are The Clear Terms:

- Refund Policy: Please note that we only refund customers who prove us that they actually implemented the training for 14 consecutive days and sent a logical amount of traffic to their affiliate links, without success, after asking for support.

- Refund requests such as: 'Not as described': Please note that our sales pages reflect exactly what you are getting.

- Refund requests such as: 'Payment Not Authorized': It's really easy for us to prove that this payment was authorised because we have information on you, including (your IP address, credit card information, friends in common and more), to prove your identity. These types of refund requests will be denied.

- Refund requests such as: 'I Forgot To Cancel My Membership': please know that we do not issue refunds for that since you have and had access all this time. We cannot be responsible whether or not you take action before cancelling your membership.

- Refund requests such as: 'I Had No Way To Contact You': Our contact information are located in 3 places: 1. On this very page you are on right now, 2. In Warrior Plus when you purchase and 3. We also send you a 'Welcome' email message with our contact infos when you sign-up.

- Refund requests such as: 'I Did Not Receive The Product I Purchased': Please know that we do not issue refunds for this because 1. You can access your purchase directly from Warrior Plus when you check-out and 2. We send you an email message with your access link as soon as you purchase. And for these reasons such refund requests will be denied.

So trying to get a refund under the pretext that 1. You didn't know about the membership fees or 2. Have not gotten access to your training or 3. Were not able to contact us or 4. Not as described... will be denied.

- Done For You And/Or Consulting Services: Please note that we do not issue any refunds at all on our 'done for you and/or consulting' services because of the time we spend on setting you up and training you.

- We do the best we can to help our clients have the best experience with our training and by doing our due-diligence like we do, is part of offering an EXCELLENT service.

- By adding a tick mark in the check box upon purchase, you acknowledge our refund policy and accept these terms and conditions.


1. Credit card providers and payment processors like PayPal for example, frown on refunds, and we want to remain in good terms with our payment processors. By having you add tick mark in the tick box, it was your duty to read the terms, like any other online purchase you've done until now. By doing our due diligence like we did and do, we protect our most valued assets i.e. our payment processors.

2. Also, we do not want to penalize our affiliates by taking commissions away from them because someone asks for a refund.

3. By doing our due diligence like we did, EVERYONE (including you) was/are protected and advised transparently.

By having a solid refund policy like this, we are protecting the interest of EVERYONE implicated in the transaction, including you considering you are a client yourself.

· So if you bought training and can prove to us that you actually implemented it for 14 consecutive days and sent a logical amount of traffic to your affiliate links, without making any sales, we will refund you. Chances of that happening is very slim because we know our method works. (Please note that this refund policy DOES NOT cover our 'Done For You and/or Consulting' services as mentioned earlier)

· As for the rest, we do not issue refunds.

FAIR WARNING: Please note that if you do not qualify for a refund and still try to get one... we have a PDF version of this very web page you are reading right now, so we are ready to fight the claim and... we will win. Why will we win? Because our terms of refund are CRYSTAL CLEAR.

For us it will be copy/paste... while for you it will be a long process to justify why you should get a refund when our refund policy is CRYSTAL CLEAR...

So let's not waste our time here please...

We did our due diligence accurately and we expect our members to behave honestly as well.

We know this concerns only a few bad apples but by law we need to mention it.

We are a community of like-minded people and we all want to make money honestly and for many years to come..

** By making our refund policy like this, we are weeding-out tire-kickers and freebie seekers.

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