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Michel Sirois here and I want to congratulate you on taking action by upgrading to: 'TRAFFIC' RESELLER LICENSE.

For us to activate this 'Traffic Reseller' license and set-up your custom sales page, you need to make your affiliate request.

*** VERY IMPORTANT: Send me a message, telling me you bought the 'TRAFFIC' RESELLER LICENSE.

*** VERY IMPORTANT: Send me a picture of yourself so I can add it to your sales page.

*** VERY IMPORTANT: This is NOT a PLR license. All sales must go through our payment processor via your affiliate link.

Please select the contact method below you want to get your buyer traffic reseller license activated and send me your picture:

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... Or via Skype: Misteremarketing

Talk to you soon,

Michel Sirois & James Greenleaf


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This can be easily explained: It's very hard for a beginner to 'connect the dots' and build a productive business that converts, by purchasing training after training. 

You end-up with a little bit of knowledge, but nothing that is actionable!

At the end of the day, it's all about: Proper set-up, buyer leads and conversions, you know it...

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If you don't know how to set-up an online business with all the building blocks as mentioned above, you are doomed to failure, I'm sure you know this by now... and this is why I can do all of that part for you...

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See you on the inside,

Michel Sirois & James Greenleaf

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