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Dear struggling marketer...

Tell me...

How long have you been trying to make money online?

1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 5 years?

... And how is it going for you?

I guess not that great, or you wouldn't be reading this sales letter now, would you?

And tell me, how much have you spent so far on training, tools, software and traffic?

$100, $1000, $10 000?... Or even more?

  Did you ever ask yourself these questions, silently, in shame, in your head? 

' I did everything they told me to... and failed!' Why?'

'Their traffic software never sent me anything close to what the claims say on their sales page!' Why?'

'Why is no one else making money except those who launch products or that make testimonials?' Why?

...Because most marketers use highly paid sales copywriters that exploit the primal part of your brain against you, by selling you 'empty dreams' and making you 'visualize the future'!

Now, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good marketers out-there, but there are also a lot of shady marketers too...

=> But those who are shady... profit on 'SALES VOLUME' & 'SALES CONVERSIONS'... Not for your benefit...


=> Because they care more about making money for their affiliates and their own bottom line... leaving you, the customer, the last one to benefit of their offer... which makes no sense... Because the offer is supposed to be made for the customer, LOL...

  The Sad Truth Is... 

The sad truth is if they cared so much about you, their sales letters would actually tell you what you are buying...

Instead, all you see on their sales pages are 100 different versions of 'how much money you will be making'... but they never tell you what you are getting... which leads me to...

  Gurus Target Innocent People And It Works... 

Let me ask you this...

Who buys a product or training that says nothing on the sales page except: 'You'll make money', written in 100 different ways?

'Well-informed' shoppers or those who are not?

Need I say more? Looks like I do... because there are thousands of people out-there who are buying their crap over and over, expecting different results! - LOL

*** Keep in mind that if shady marketers are not telling you what you are buying on their sales page, IT'S BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW, because that would REDUCE THEIR SALES AND CONVERSIONS! - It's that simple!

  Smart Shoppers Look For The Real Bullet Points... 

I think you will agree with me that 'well-informed' shoppers will take the time to see and understand what they are about to buy...

So they look for bullet points, that actually detail what they are getting...

If there isn't any, and it's all 'Hype', they skip the offer...

That's much smarter, right?

That leaves more money in your pocket if you skip a product you don't need, right?

And don't get me wrong, I got caught-up in their 'HYPE' B.S. more than once...

But after getting screwed 1-2-3 times, it's enough, would you agree?

   So this is why today I am here with a  special offer that can MAKE & SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! 


 Here's What You Get Inside This 20-Pages Viral Report

(Here are the bullet points that actually detail what you are getting)

This PDF report is broken-down in 8 categories:

4 Most common sales page scams, including: Blind copy, earnings snap shots, testimonials & count-down timers
Most common 'Free Traffic' & 'Push-Button' software scam & the true reasons why they don't work
2 Most common 'One Time Offer' scams that you should avoid at all cost and you will save a lot of money next time you buy stuff
2 Most common product creation scams. (And YES, 'BUYER TRAFFIC' is one of them. Your eyes will really open with this knowledge)
Most common JV marketing scam that top product creators use, that gives false hope for mid-ranged and beginner product creators. This one is really nasty
Most common recurring scam that I used myself in the past. It was not illegal, but not ethical. I made a lot of money with this knowledge, but I stopped because I found it unethical
2 Most common 'Free bonuses' scams that even honest marketers use when they launch offers
Customer support scams that make you quit your journey with them

I even go the extra mile for you...

I will also reveal how to spot good offers that are not scammy or shady
I will also reveal the 2 methods that make me the most money online (It's not product creation)
I will also reveal the method to get refunded when you get screwed by these said shady marketers. This knowledge is priceless as it will save you money you would have normally lost
The report contains 20 pages - 3,340 words
After going through this viral report, you will never get screwed again by shady marketers, this is a fact!


 If You Act Now, You Also Get The Following PLR Marketing Package As A Bonus 

I mean...

If you are to promote something, at least promote something worth promoting, that will actually help your audience, while you make money... I think that just makes sense, right?

So here's what is included in the marketing package, when you get your copy of the 'Online Marketing Dirty Secretz' report today:

 BONUS #1: Includes The PLR License

What You Can Do With The PLR License

Can rename and change the graphics
Can be edited
Can be used as a viral report
Can give it away to build your email list
Can list it in paid membership sites
Can be offered as a bonus to a product you are SELLING
Can sell it to make profits
Can break-down the report in content pieces to educate your audience
Can be bundled with other products you are SELLING
Can be translated into other languages

What You Cannot Do With The PLR License

Cannot be used as an article on: Websites, blogs, forums or social media
Cannot be used in free membership sites
Cannot be launched on Warrior Plus, JV Zoo or ClickBank as a 'PUBLIC' offer
Cannot sell the Private label rights (PLR)
Cannot sell the Resell Rights (RR)
Cannot sell the Master Resell Rights (MRR)

 BONUS #2: Includes All The Graphics 

Includes transparent flat image to make your own product images if you want
Includes all the other images of the 'Online Marketing Dirty Secrets' viral report - PNG transparent format 

 BONUS #3: Includes 7 Email Swipes 

Includes a 'Welcome' email for people who build lists
Includes 7 promotional email swipes
Written by Michel Sirois (Unique content)

 BONUS #4: Includes The Sales Letter 

Includes the same sales letter you are on right now
This will save you a lot of time if you want to sell this report!
1,350 words
Written by Michel Sirois (Unique content)

 BONUS #5: Includes 5 Promo Banners

Includes 5 promotional website/blog banners
PNG transparent format 
This will drive free traffic to your viral report if you use them on your websites and blogs

 BONUS #6: Includes 5 Social Media Banners

Includes 5 promotional social media banners
PNG transparent format 
This will drive free traffic to your viral report if you use them on your websites and blogs

P.S. It would be more profitable for me to sell this PLR Marketing Package as a 'One Time Offer' for $17/$27, but in these tuff economic times, I am giving it to you at no extra cost when you grab your copy of 'Online Marketing Dirty Secretz' today!

If it makes you happy, it makes me happy!

I am not just about my bottom line, your satisfaction matters too!

And as you can see by now, I am not about 'HYPE' either... I am about high quality content!

Today, you know EXACTLY what you are buying and you know it will actually help you... for once...

At the end of the day, smart investing pays and puts more money in your pocket!

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 Seriously, I Don't Care If Shady Marketers Are Mad At Me For Revealing Their Nasty Dirty Tricks... 

I REALLY don't care if shady marketers are mad at me for revealing their dirty secrets!

Besides, I don't partner with them when I launch products... 

I love my affiliates and I work with the honest ones, who use logic over 'Hype'!

My real money, I do it by implementing the methods I teach...

So whether I make 10 sales or 1,000 sales from a product I launch, it doesn't matter to me... At least those who get my stuff can be sure it will be of high quality, useful and honest!

You know... you don't need 10,000 clients when you offer good products, because those clients come back!

... And being honest also pays as you are about to see...

Below is a snap shot of my 2021 income tax report...

That's right, in 2021, when most of the world was broke, I made $216,000 and after expenses, I had $151,000 left!

Sure, I paid taxes on $151,000 but that's just life!

Not bad, right?

'So go cry in your corner shady marketers' 

...I don't care about these shady marketers, the same way they don't care about their own clients!

... Now, it's time you discover how shady marketers get you to spend your hard-earned money on their worthless crap!

It's Easy... If You Answer 'YES' To The Following Questions, You Owe It To Yourself To Get 'Online Marketing Dirty Secretz' Right Now...

Are you fed-up of getting screwed by shady marketers? Then you need 'Online Marketing Dirty Secretz' Now!
Are you fed-up of paying for stuff you already know or that can be found for free in Google? Then you need 'Online Marketing Dirty Secretz' Now!
Are you fed-up of paying for shitty traffic software or methods that never gets you near the results claimed on sales letters? Then you need 'Online Marketing Dirty Secretz' Now!
Do you want to know all about sales page scams, 'One Time Offer' Scams, product creation scams, JV marketing scams, recurring scams, free traffic software scams, free bonuses scams and customer support scams? Then you need 'Online Marketing Dirty Secretz' Now!
Do you want to be able to recognize shitty offers before you even buy them? Then you need 'Online Marketing Dirty Secretz' Now!
Do you finally want to find the hidden jems that will actually help you make money online, instead of falling for the 'hype' that only give false promises? Then you need 'Online Marketing Dirty Secretz' Now!
Do you want tricks to get refunded when you get screwed by shady marketers? Then you need 'Online Marketing Dirty Secretz' Now!

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Let's Recap All You Get Today By Taking Action Now!

The 'Online Marketing Dirty Secretz' report - Real world value: $197
Bonus #1: Private Label Rights License - Real world value: $67
Bonus #2: The graphics - Real world value: $97
Bonus #3: 7 Promotional email swipes - Real world value: $197
Bonus #4: Sales letter - Real world value: $997
Bonus #5: Promotional website & blog banners - Real world value: $97
Bonus #6: Promotional social media post banners - Real world value: $97

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I'll see you inside!

Michel Sirois, Marketing Nerd Since 1997

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